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The laboratory unit of Pardis Keifiat Company has been able to obtain the necessary certification of laboratory services from the National Standards Organization using its field staff experience and using the advanced equipment. As a qualified laboratory, a collaborator of the Standard Office (Laboratory Acrodiate) to start with the Es / 3170 license number.

Every year around the world, many fires bring a lot of damage. Perhaps the most irreparable of these damages is personal injury and death. On average, 339,000 people die each year due to fires. Handheld fire extinguisher capsules are one of the easiest and most effective ways to fire at an early stage of the fire. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the health and safety of these capsules.
Under current laws, powdered capsules that last more than two years and CO2 capsules lasting five years require a hydrostatic test. A capsule that lasts a lot of life and its body's health is not confirmed by a hydrostatic test. In such a way that in many cases the explosion of an extinguishing fire extinguisher causes a loss of life, and thus a vehicle that is responsible for protecting lives will at worst endanger itself.
    Charging fire extinguishers is another important factor in how to operate and fire. If the charge is not carried out properly and is not used with a good fire powder, at the time of the incident, the capsule will not be able to quench.
Arivan Quality Campus Provider of Laboratory, Safety and Fire Safety Services is the only standardized company that holds the standard for charging the capsule, ready to serve desirable customers. At this center, the test and charge of capsules are performed using the devices of the day and by a qualified team.   Our credit is our pride.

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Over the past years, with the advancement of the automotive industry, different solutions have been proposed for alternative fuels to reduce emissions and reduce the use of conventional fossil fuels.
Natural gas or CNG is one of the most popular and commonly used fuels in Iran. But for optimum use and risk minimization, periodic inspection and testing of CNG cylinders for vehicles is very important.
Certainly, in news or social networks, you've encountered videos of the incidents of blasting these cylinders. But these incidents and hazards can be easily prevented. With a brilliant track record and an experienced team of CNG cylinder testers, Pardis Quality Company is ready to offer its valuable services to its customers and dear companions.
Imagine driving more easily.

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The activity of many industries is dependent on industrial, medical and food gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc. But maintenance of these gases requires its own particulars. All of these gases are stored in cylinders with different capacities, which are usually under relatively high pressure. Hence, the health of the cylinder body and its strength play an important role in ensuring the safety of work and workshops because the explosion of each of these pressurized cylinders can have irreparable consequences.
The probability of such disasters can be minimized by checking and testing the cylinder cycle in accordance with the mandatory national standards, and Aurin Quality Campus Co. is proud to offer these services with the highest possible quality.

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Having the necessary knowledge about how to use silencers and identifying the best type of fire extinguisher in accordance with the type of fire is a very important factor in the ability of people to fire and control fire. You will be able to read through the articles and tutorials you need in this section.
      Providing professional training courses for national safety and fire safety standards by experienced professors is another of the services of the Aroun Quality Campus Company.

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Arvin Quality Campus, with its powerful archive of services provided at the Center, has been able to track the customer service. You can by entering the code entered on the capsule or plaque on the capsule to obtain your capsule identification, including the type and volume of the capsule, the date of service, the date of the charge / test, and more.

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