Fire Fighting

 Every year around the world, numerous firefighting shocks; Brought up Perhaps the most irreparable of these damages is personal injury and death. An average of 339,000 people die each year due to fires. Handheld fire extinguisher capsules are one of the easiest and most effective ways to fire at an early stage of the fire. Therefore, paying attention to the health and safety of these capsules is of particular importance. 
     According to the current laws of the country, powdered capsules that have been in use for more than two years and CO2 capsules, which have been around for five years, require a hydrostatic test. A life-long capsule that passes through and the body's health is not confirmed by a hydrostatic test is dangerous. In many cases, the explosion of an extinguishing fire extinguisher causes a loss of life, and thus a vehicle whose duty is to protect people's lives will at worst endanger people.     Charging capsules Firefighting is another important factor in how to operate and fire. If the charge is not carried out properly and is not used with good quality fire extinguisher, it will not be desirable at the time of the incident. Arivan Quality Campus Provider of Laboratory, Safety and Fire Services is the only standardized company that holds the standard for charging capsules, ready to serve desirable customers. At this center, test and charge the capsule using the world's most sophisticated equipment and tools.   Our credit is our pride.